A Hunger For Things Too Bold | WILD BORE

WORDS | Moeima Dukuly 

I am not the best swimmer. But when it comes to the emotional pools of life, I do really clever things like dive in and hope I don’t crack my head open. Happy Halloween. There’s a lot of fake blood that comes with this tale.

When you are lured to a big beautiful home in upstate New York and plied with drinks, exotic meats and a chance to get a little weird with several other remarkable women – you say yes right? RIGHT? Until the other shoe drops and you find out you have to be on camera. And terror washes over you, because you’ve already said yes and have zero excuses good enough to back out. I’m more a behind the scenes type of gal – that way I avoid the myriad of people who light me wrong or having to awkwardly position myself around height-challenged people. Apparently time heals all wounds. Even the wounds deep neuroses cause.

I just don’t know what to do with myself. It’s an issue certain women have.

A spirit too big to fit society’s mold,

a hunger for things too bold.

Everything just gets old.

So wild. So boring.

I’ve raved about Wild Bore before and in honor of Halloween, its long overdue for a proper introduction. The self-described desert surf playing, no wave inspired Brooklyn trio is loud and snarling. This is no way for ladies to act. But women with no regard for limits – that’s another story entirely.


Comprised of Carly Carbine (drums, vocals), Dani Long Legs  (bass, vocals) and Coco Nasty (vocals, guitar), Wild Bore ensnare you with tracks like Mon Amie, Elise and then spit out your bones with bangers like Eddi Munster, which has a video poised for your viewing pleasure, featuring 8 bloody, flesh devouring vixens. You may even recognize one of them.

Wild Bore play Fat Baby in NYC on Halloween night. Fans toting fake blood, get extra special love.


WORDS | Moeima Dukuly 

Flip a coin.

One side gets you simplicity. Pure and sad. The sort of sad that washes over you at any point in time. That 3AM sort of sad from infomercials on animal abuse and/or ever-hungry-ever-in-need-of-clean-water kids from Africa; or just when you order your favorite sandwich just the way like it and walk all the way to find out – nope not at all the way you like it. The world ain’t perfect. Cheer up darling, meet Small Wonder. Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Henry Crawford presents what he calls “thoughtful pop” that fills your heart and head, yet empties your soul with the push of the play button.  The beauty here is the sonic sadness is strangely uplifting. Give a listen and never again be alone in your melancholy.


Favorites: Lost at Highway, Until I Open My Wings

The other side of the coin gets you a whole alotta something else. As in the other side of the emotional spectrum for a bit of fun. Albeit a muted sort of fun.

Edith Pop is a New York based band fronted by lead singer Laura Hajek, who is cute as a button and a pint sized jar of lightning. Watching her perform it was clear: I was only getting a tiny part of her energy. Jumping atop well anything nearby she danced, shimmied, rolled on the floor and even gave us a little twerk action. Their synth pop sound leaves me reminiscent of The Blow and Hajek is joined by a drum/bass/guitar combo (Tim Oakley/Miles Lally/Oscar Allen Guinn IV) making this tasty morsel of a band all the more delicious.  Thoroughly entertained the music gets you moving but not necessarily to the point of frenzy. I’d go far as to say Edith Pop is such a tease, getting you so close to letting loose but pulling away right before you’re ready to turn things way up. A contained energy yours for the taking – I am starved for more.


Favorites: Shoes and Money


WORDS | Moeima Dukuly 

Photos | Carly Sioux


WHO: Savants, Wild Bore, Feral Foster, Crazy & The Brains with headliners Crushed Out

WHEN: Saturday, September 27 2014

WHERE: Palisades in THE BUSH. Also known as Bushwick, Brooklyn.

THE SITUATION:  Unmarked no frills venue on Broadway not far from the train. $5 at the door for the show. Beers are hella cheap (hover around 4 bucks if you’re feeling cheap like me and getting your Tecate on), bar is one step up from the situation you’ve probably got going on in your kitchen at home (picture a fridge + liquor bottles on top of said fridge). Bar/door people are chill. Venue is popular with those on the Brooklyn scene but the sound SUCKS. No exaggeration, so don’t judge a band you see here too harshly. More than once feedback made my teeth grind and vocals from bands were spotty at best.  If you get annoyed head to the taco truck 2 blocks away and eat your feelings.

THE CROWD: Hipster. Duh. Not the sort looking to impress either.


Ok – so I’m a jerk and constantly late to things so I came in on Savants’ last song. :( But – I’ve known about them for some time and their music set a great tone for the night. They keep it loose. Smooth sounds, simplistic vocals that are cooly confident without being overbearing. A tambourine that doesn’t make you wanna want to jump into the East River. If you’re not into more laidback tunes you might be privy to stray during their set, but they can get lively – but the one song I did catch was the perfect appetizer for a easy Saturday night.





A sound that is so guttural it can only inspire fear or excitement. Having seen Wild Bore twice before, I can tell you that that sound shakes the core no matter the equipment. With a rhythmic lull of bass married to a thumping drumbeat – and unnerving vocals – this is the space between wild and boring.  I wanna live here forever.


Wild-Bore-2-@-Palisades-Sept14 Wild-Bore-5-@-Palisades-Sept14


Feral is right. Folk gristle is what I’d best describe the sound of FF.  Was especially tough to be unbiased here, with sound sucking as bad as it did.  Heavily country (daresay, bluegrass) influence with vocals tingeing on a surly, moody vibe. Bluesy, and melodramatic. Would go check them out at another venue.




Um. Stage Presence much? I don’t know – wasn’t a hundred percent about the band and oh you know – by that time my ears were bleeding from the tragic sound situation, I might have mentioned before. Nasally vocals plus feedback is a plate of hot mess. But they brought the energy and people were into it. So there’s that.


Crazy-and-The-Brains-12-@-Palisades-Sept14 Crazy-and-The-Brains-13-@-Palisades-Sept14


Celebrating the release of their latest album,Teeth, the headlining duo brought it and clearly are magic because the sound didn’t as awful as with the past 4 acts. Crushed Out is pretty lovely actually – an energetic sort of honky-tonk vibe with really great drums and even a dash of maracas here and there. My feet didn’t stop moving and tapping throughout their set. Good times.



The Verdict:  A strong lineup of indie acts that complimented each other well, leading up to a nice finish with Crushed Out. As for the venue, Palisades is just fine for your run of the mill live music venue, except for the dropping the ball on the one job they should focus on – sound. Being that they have a steady flow of talented bands that play there, they might wanna work that out.

MUSIC | LA Love (La La) – Fergie

Miss Fergie Ferg is back. After a near decade hiatus word spread earlier this month that the ‘London Bridge’ chanteuse was working on a new album (slated to be released in 2015) and the first single would be dropping September 29th, we were pretty stoked to see what she had cooking up for us. Take a listen the first single off the album LA Love(la la) produced by DJ Mustard and let Fergie give you a geography lesson.

Initial thoughts: oooh this sounds a bit like 2 on 2 but I’m not mad at it. Hmmm she really is listing alot of random places. Hmmm this is pretty catchy though.

Thoughts after the third listen: This is how you do a low key comeback – still keeping to your signature sound (no crazy EDM banger here) but updated and simple. Not bad at all.

What do you guys think?

“L.A. Love (La La)” will be released on September 29. (iTunes)

MUSIC | ‘Glory Days’ – Carl Barat and The Jackals


The Libertines’ Carl Barât has a new band! Meet Caral Barât and the Jackals, they’re dropping their yet to be titled debut album next year which was recorded in Los Angeles, with a band assembled via online ads. “I actually started making this record solo, but the long and short of it is I just didn’t like my own company,” Barât said in a press release. “I was lucky, because I found a bunch of people who genuinely fit together as a gang.” You can check out the first single, Glory Days which is also a free download below! Produced by Joby J. Ford of the Bronx, the song doesn’t stray far from his Libertine roots but we definitely look forward to hearing more.

Carl Barât & The Jackals are:
Carl Barât – Vocals/Guitar
Billy Tessio – Guitar
Adam Claxton – Bass Guitar
Jay Bone – Drums

MUSIC | While We’re Sleeping – Blonde Bunny


Check out Blonde Bunny’s new single While We’re Sleeping which will be released on an extremely limited run of cassettes, complete with B-Side ‘Termite’. The song was recorded and mixed at home by Blonde Bunny, with Felix Davis at Metropolis mastering the track. We totally dig the band’s grooved out vibe!

You can check them out live (we hear the put on a quite a show) at The Victoria, Dalston on 28th September, before joining The Wytches on their tour for three dates. Check out dates below!

September 28th – Flufferfest – London, The Victoria (Dalston)

October  10th – Aldershot, West End Centre

October 11th – Liverpool, The Kazimier

October 13th – York, The Duchess

#MUSIC | Breach drops new song with Kelis + North American Tour Dates!


Check out Breach’s latest track The Key featuring Kelis! Starting off originally as a rework of Kelis’ hit single ‘Rumble’, taken from her sixth LP Food, once they met up in the studio they flipped the track upside down – chopping up vocals and adding in new slick layered synth beats.

Breach will be all over the globe this fall with dates including We Love Space in Ibiza on 12th September, Amsterdam Dance Event on 15th & 16th October and a return to Manchester’s infamous Warehouse Project with The Chemical Brothers on 5th December. But if you’re in the US or Canada you can catch him at the dates below!


October 30th – Boston @ Make It New

October 31st – Washington DC @ U Hall

November 1st – Los Angeles @ Escape from Wonderland

November 7th – Toronto @ Coda

November 8th – Chicago @ Spybar

November 13th – Miami @ Trade

November 14th – Philadelphia @ Dolphon

November 15th – Denver @ Vinyl

November 19th – Oklahoma City @ Kamps

November 20th – Edmonton, Alberta @ Starlight Room

November 21st – Calgary, Alberta @ Hifi

November 22nd – Vancouver, British Columbia @ Celebrities

CINEMA | Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Check out the new trailer for Jupiter Ascending starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum racing against the clock to of course – save the world! To us it pretty much looks like Princess Diaries for the sci fi set. It’s like one day you’re just normal Mila and the next you find out you’re a reincarnated space princess inheriting a throne AND a planet and….oh we forgot to tell you some  crazy alien wants you dead and earth for himself!

The movie was originally supposed to be released earlier this summer but has been pushed back to February 2015. No explanations relating to the push back have been released but this trailer should hold us all over until then. Check it out below!



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